Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change your orbit!

Said a wise man to me - don't follow the same path twice.
  • you will not learn anything new
  • your enemies might have laid a trap knowing your pattern
  • it will never test your mettle
  • gets extremely boring too
So I constantly innovate and make variations to what i do. Sometimes I fall - but mosty it helps me understand what not to do again.
So also with companies & their products. The time and tested formulae don't seem to be working. Change in the name of change is also ineffective. Reactive change is definitely not an answer.

Maybe change is not what we're looking for.
Micro-adjustment(s) & Macro-adjustments would be more politically correct.
A slight nudge here and a tweak there can dramatically alter consequences... consequences that can be fruitful!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Open for business!

It's a Monday.
Are you open for business?
Yes - is the obvious answer!

I beg to differ :-)
Our doors are open - but the minds are closed.
We've stopped listening - to our inner gut feelings - that factor of "sixth sense" that drives exemplary success...
We rely too much on data to give us the information we need - i prefer the touch and feel factor.
It's easy to go with the herd that things are looking up or down .... stay a minute to examine the fundamentals... numbers definitely tell a story - but rarely the complete one.

I'll give a small example from personal experience. We have a product that the numbers suggest is doing pretty well - the achievement across the country stands at over 113%. No cause for worry here.
But I know from my field visits and customer interaction that certain problems have started developing and though we may write them off as non-issues at this time - the future looms.
Our time to react is now. Else we have open doors - but no one will be walking in...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All about business!

There's nothing like a free lunch in the world today.

But let's just say that I want to treat you to a free lunch / dinner / breakfast.
Would you be willing to partake of the same without doubting my intentions?

I'm here to share some facts.
Running a business is not childs play. But it isn't rocket science either (unless you're directly involved with giong to the moon/mars).

Here's what I plan to do with this fact finding journal.
  1. Highlight facts of existence across multiple industries and correlate them to find that common thread.
  2. Updates from my on-the-job learning which could add value to my readers.
  3. An insight into a family run busines - coupled with the above updates to explore better business practicalities.
Let's just keep it to 3 for now!
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