Monday, April 27, 2009

Open for business!

It's a Monday.
Are you open for business?
Yes - is the obvious answer!

I beg to differ :-)
Our doors are open - but the minds are closed.
We've stopped listening - to our inner gut feelings - that factor of "sixth sense" that drives exemplary success...
We rely too much on data to give us the information we need - i prefer the touch and feel factor.
It's easy to go with the herd that things are looking up or down .... stay a minute to examine the fundamentals... numbers definitely tell a story - but rarely the complete one.

I'll give a small example from personal experience. We have a product that the numbers suggest is doing pretty well - the achievement across the country stands at over 113%. No cause for worry here.
But I know from my field visits and customer interaction that certain problems have started developing and though we may write them off as non-issues at this time - the future looms.
Our time to react is now. Else we have open doors - but no one will be walking in...

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