Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From Puggie to ZOOZOO

Vodafone never ceases to amaze.
There latest avtaar - after the PETA and other animal actvists threatened them  - is ZOOZOO

Zoozoos these days it seems are everywhere.
The antics of these egg headed strange white humanoids have been entertaining millions of IPL viewers during breaks. Interestingly - there's a new ZOOZOO feature on every day... without repeating the ones gone by.

The buzz in the last 20 days has been such that they even have a FACEBOOK fanclub with members numbering over 66,000 (that's 3 Zeroes) and growing!

O&M, the agency that created these humanoids has done a great job. They promo spots focus on the value added services that VODAFONE provides and has made most viewers look forward to these advts instead of the opposite.
But the interesting part is that Zoozoos are not really animated characters. They are actually thin women artistes from Mumbai , dressed in white foam stuffed costumes.

My personal favorites are
  • travel alerts.. (with the music and the zz romance and the pyramids)
  • missed call alerts (with the croc eating zz up whole)
  • sing a prayer (as zz hangs on for dear life)
  • stock alerts (falling flat on the face - poor zz)
  • cricket alerts (reminds me of humpty dumpty as zz takes a knock)
more to come as the IPL comes along

I really like it when an advertisement campaign clicks. So what if I use AIRTEL... and these advts wouldn't make me shift.... but they'll work for a newbie!! And I guess the newbies outnumber the existing users.... 100:1.

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  1. Being away from India, it took me a while to understand all about zoozoo (saw it first on FB and was puzzled to the core).

    I didn't know PETA was knocking on voda's door. The pug sure wins (my heart) anyday to the zoozoo.

    But the bigger question is, does word of mouth really translate to increased sales?

    You mention that this campaign might click with new sales, but are we known for going in for a product solely on its ad campaigns or on the features, in this case connectivity?

    I'm eager to know about the metrics comparing the zoozoo ads to that with the pug.